Content = strategy + design

What do you do?

While standing in line for a keynote back in the day, a developer asked me this very question and I gave him some form of an un-rehearsed spiel that likely contained the words “brand strategy” and “UX.”  I have always disliked canned “elevator pitches” as they always sound disingenuous, mechanical, or at their worst, like bad hype. The truth was I was evolving. Old skills mattered less and I was intrigued by the new possibilities which is what led me, an art director turned marketing director/web master, to a developer conference.

After pondering my reply amidst the now familiar mounting circus atmosphere of a mega sized technology keynote drew closer, he thoughtfully nodding “so you mean like the presentation layer” and at the time, his response was not an entirely unfamiliar perception speaking to just the surface effect of branding and content strategy, be it an ecommerce website, product collateral, user guide, or mobile app.

Feeling like the lone designer at that developer conference so many years ago, I have since been joined by heaps of extremely talented UI and UX designers, futurists, FEDs (front end developers), and product managers with a growing appreciation for brand and content strategy. I felt like I was on to something. I still do 😉

If you asked me that same question today, I’d likely say, “helping great brands innovate and build better customer experiences.”

Working closely with PMs, FEDs, development and marketing teams to determine where the next bit of innovation can provide the best ROI is the obvious part of the process. Executing is the hard part. I can help there too as project management, agile scrum methodologies, and helping distributed teams honestly deal with the day to day is part of what I do too.

What is it and why does it matter?

This is truly at the core of what drives all great marketing and eventually becomes the very definition of your brand and product. The core set of principles, values, and promises you’re making, either implicitly or in agreements, must somehow be communicated to your audience for them to appreciate the value offered.

As a content strategist, I spend the time needed to determine your customer’s needs and expectations and what success should look like.

Reach out if I can answer questions or help your team find the answers or start asking the right questions.